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You will dance. Resistance is futile.

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Soul City has been packing dance floors since the band was first formed in 1988.  Much of the band's time is spent traveling throughout the New England area, bringing high-energy performances, 4-part vocal harmonies, driving grooves, and a unique 4-piece horn section, to different events across many states.  While performing mostly weddings throughout the year, Soul City is also a regular attraction in the Boston area, performing for numerous Boston city concerts, as well as other area festivals and concert series. 

What makes Soul City different?  First, it's a family.  When you see Soul City on stage, you see 10 people that genuinely love making music together, and that chemistry is highly obvious in each performance and speaks volumes to the crowd. If the band is having fun, your guests will have fun.

Second, it is a band comprised of highly seasoned professionals.  Combined, Soul City has over 100 years of experience in the Boston music scene.  The band goes above and beyond for their clients, and always give 100% to each and every job.

Third, what you see and hear is what you get.  The band is 100% committed to being a live band, both on and off camera.  This is a rarity in the industry, but they firmly believe that the product being advertised better be the exact product you get when it's live, and they are strongly committed to this idea.

Lastly, everyone will dance.  It's quite simple- Soul City plays music that people of all ages from all walks of life will know, love, and dance to.  

You will dance. Resistance is futile. 



Couples across New England love Soul City!  Check out the latest reviews on The Knot and Wedding Wire.

“Dear Soul City,
We wanted to thank you SO much for playing at our wedding on November 8th. The entertainment you provided was extraordinary and commented upon by each guest. You all have the ability and energy to get the party started and to keep the momentum going until the last second.
Thanks for making our wedding celebration truly memorable. Thanks also to Pat Wallace for coordinating - he was a pleasure to work with.
-Nicole and Brian”


“Soul City,
I want to thank you and all the members of Soul City for a fabulous evening of music and dancing. All of our guests have commented on how unbelievable you were. One of our friends said, “It was like having Earth, Wind and Fire at your wedding.” You were all so professional and responsive to our requests. You are the best. I only wish we had a few more hours to dance!!!
-Thanks, Anne and Joe”


“Alex and I wanted to thank you and the band SOOOOOO much for making our wedding night so great! EVERYONE loved the music and danced 'til the last song. So many of our guests specifically commented to us that they thought Soul City was an amazing group. The music was fun to dance to and many of our guests also said that they just liked sitting at the table and listening too. Please thank the band for us - they rocked the house!
-Best, Kristen and Alex”


“We want to take a moment to thank you for making our wedding reception truly memorable. We have NEVER been to a wedding where the guests (and bride and groom) have danced and flamed as much as at our wedding and that we owe entirely to you. We certainly had a ready and willing crowd, but your performance was irresistible; even the non-dancers in our crew were on the dance floor. We cannot even begin to count the number of emails, phone calls and letters that we have received in the mere week since our wedding complimenting your band.
The overwhelming sentiment is that you are “the best band” that has ever played at a wedding! Hopefully you will play at a future wedding to which we attend because we would love to dance the night away with you again. Many many many thanks for an unforgettable evening.
-Cara and Chris”


Soul city Press


Article from Boston Voyager Magazine, May 15, 2017

"Today we’d like to introduce you to Natalie Antell.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
I joined Soul City about 5 years ago, but the band has been in existence since 1988. Our current manager, guitarist Trick Wallace, has been handling things since the mid-90’s. Unlike everyone else in the group, I am completely self-taught. This is a group of very talented and experienced individuals, mostly from Berklee and surrounding music schools. My start in the wedding industry was very organic. I was singing in a local big band show and the sound man handed me a business card and told me I should be doing something bigger- it was that simple. Obviously, with little experience, it was a huge chance to take on a singer, but I harassed Trick until he gave me the job. I like to think that’s what really got me the position- I just knew I had to be in this band and I wouldn’t take no for an answer. Luckily, it worked out for everyone!

Has it been a smooth road?
I think my lack of experience when I first started was, to put it mildly, very evident. I was scared to be on stage and there was so much to learn. But you won’t find a more accepting and supportive group than this band. I’m not the first one he did that for- Trick has a tendency to hire singers who are newer to the business, which I think is really unique, but also brilliant- he gives us a chance to grow into the kind of singers we want to be.

So, as you know, we’re impressed with Soul City Band – tell our readers more, for example what you’re most proud of as a company and what sets you apart from others.
What Soul City does is quite simple- we pack dance floors with classic and contemporary Soul music. We do plenty of weddings, but we also perform at a lot of charity events, municipal events, and private parties. One thing that sets us apart from other bands is our chemistry- we are 10 people that love to hang out every weekend with each other. It’s so evident when you watch us. There’s a lot of laughter and smiles and interest in what we do, and the fun is contagious.

Let’s touch on your thoughts about our city – what do you like the most and least?
The thing I really appreciate about Boston is the large art scene which is fed by so much diversity. You can find something for everyone here. The thing I like least about Boston is that unfortunately, the music scene is beginning to shrink. There are a number area hot-spots that provided live music that have had to close in the past year or two, which is fascinating to me because we live in the music college capital of the world! There is so much talent here, and we’re running out of places to host it."

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